Thursday, April 26, 2007


I think this is one of those addictions I get every now and then. Blogs. My time is becoming bogged in blogs. I've started thinking about them when I'm cooking, watching TV, making love. There's a certain one in particular that's captured my attention - atleast for now. Big boobs have that effect. Like all my addictions, this one will last for a few months. Not the boob addiction... I've had that since I can remember... the blog-trolling. I bounce from blog to blog, reading stuff. There are some very interestingsadfunnysexytorturedboring people out there. I compare myself to them, and at the same time feel superior and inferior. I am all those
things. I'm more. I'm less. I'm exactly like them. I'm completely different. From them. From you.

Who has secrets? There's no secrets. What could you have done or thought that is so different than that has been done as long as people have lived? What are you embarassed about? There's nothing to be embarassed about. People are judgemental, but what of their judgements? Do we really care? Man is Fallen, so get over yourself. Or do you revel in it? Why, what is so special about your sins?

There's nothing so warped in this universe that it is reserved only for certain people. Guilt. It has it's function. Denying Guilt is bad. Shutting your conscience up is bad. I'm going to stop here because I don't want to tell you how to deal with that - you have to learn that for yourself. Like I did.